Angelo M. & Vanilla Mike / SOON

A new tune in Beachide Records by Angelo M. & Vanilla Mike , coming up soon with a powerful release which will include 4 cuts , featuring a remix from Erik Christiansen ,Highjacks and Dmitri Saidi. The first remix by Erik Christiansen boss of Nastyfunk Records who presented a unique idea for the release which we can describe as 95 Acid Funk , as soon as the track start with an amazing aggresive nastygroove ,  you can hear how the build up increase the second by second being followed by an hypnotizing vibe and finally introducing that infectious bassline that made us felt in love when we listened for the first time , guys this is a very dangerous remix that we will absolutely recommend for peak time late night parties ! . The second remix made by Highjacks  is  darker , deeply intense into the groove , Deep House vibe nicely structured thru the song , unmissable song for any set . Third remix made by Dmitri Saidi very know for his G-House releases thru G-MAFIA and ERASE Records , will close this EP successfully all the way! , so guys stay prepared for what is coming...Angelo M. & Vanilla Mike - Something In Me EP is on fire!!!


Developed by: TripleWSystems